Hi there,

After a long time i decided to refresh my website and give you some update and knowledge about how i’m doing and what’s going on especially with the music.

I kinda write more about laughter, kindness, love and good intentional meanings these days. Instead of lonelyness, more smiles, instead of pain, true essence of happyness and about life in general. For god sake there’s enough off suffering and misery in this world.

All the best,




So you made it to the section of music at robbertverhoef.com. When time passes by throughout the years, i notice more and more that my music is somewhat timeless. Which is good. I sort of chose a direction of what i’m upto with the music. After exploring from rock/punk music you can hear in the youtube video thankfull posted here below, to a bit more dance and house, i made my last two records “777” and “This is me” in a kind of easylistening/blues and jazz way. New music is already on it’s way i have about 5 songs ready which are sort off in the same scoop the two albums were but with a more pop/catchy twist. I’ll keep you up to date on that.




Robbert Verhoef

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